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Mavrick Blinds are suppliers of a much improved quality blind for the modern vehicle, mainly used within PSV market, ambulances, trains, dustcarts and milk floats.

  • All blinds are made to your measurements for your exact requirements, they come in a range of fabrics (solid and semi-transparent) blue and black being our standard colours, but we can manufacture in any colour you require.

  • There are various designs available offering a quality blind, cassetted or non cassetted as required.

  • All blinds are made of an aluminum roller with a heavy duty spring giving durability and a smooth action.

  • We also specialise in blinds for coaches and buses.

The fabric has a high fire rating(depending on customer requirements) they all come with a heavy duty bottom bar which will vary from which type of blind is required. The open type blind comes with a back bar and which measures 1¼" x 1/8" thick, this bar has a radius on one side for added strength, the cassetted blind comes with an aluminum housing, this is used for keeping the blind clean when it is not in operation.

All blinds are used for a variety of applications, a drivers sun visor or a passenger's night blind. The drivers sun visor has a lazy tong mechanism on the reverse of the blind allowing the driver to stop the blind in any position. The night blind is free flowing which has to be fixed in the down position either by hooks or po studs.

All blinds produced have a date of manufacture and come with a twelve month warranty commencing from the delivery date.


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